Saturday, January 22, 2011

An OMG Beer! Weekend (Metropolitan, Flossmoor)

Many congratulations to Metropolitan Brewing Company for their two year anniversary. The party at Jake Melnick's in Chicago featured two special brews, a Chipotle lager and a Smoked Marzen (Jake's serves really good bbq and has their own smoker). Both were fantastic - subtle enough you could still identify the beer style, yet with an added bonus of chile or smoke. Went fantastic with beef brisket and pulled pork and cornbread.

Today, OMG Beer returns to Flossmoor Station, so look back here for some quick beervana reviews. Other beer reviews coming this week as work permits.

Ending this weekend of beer appropriately by bottling a citrusy saison I brewed up for my sister in law and a friend's wife, and possibly brewing a clone of Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald. Both recipes coming soon.


  1. Thanks for coming, Seth! Was good seeing you!

  2. Hey man - good to meet you last night, hopefully see you around, I'll def. keep up with the blog.

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