Thursday, November 11, 2010

Burger and Beer Pairing brought to you by Smallbar, Hopcast, and Man B Que

Some things in this world never get old. Like beer and burgers. Really...if you've had "enough" of beer and burgers, go see a shrink. Hopcast, Smallbar Fullerton, and Man B Que once again bring us their beer and burger pairings. They've always nailed the flavors of these pairings, and the events a relaxed, fun time; bring some friends.

This is November 18th, from 7 to 9pm.

From the Man B Que website:
1. The Ponce De Leon, infused with chocolate mole and smokey hot sauce, then topped with queso fresco and avocado sour cream; this burger smacks your face with flavor. The Ponce De Leon is perfectly paired with the Goose Island ESB

2. The Stoner: This burger is a flashback to your college dorm, bong days. Filled with smoked Gruyère cheese (yeah, SMOKED Gruyère), easy jalapeño and topped with bacon peanut butter on a croissant. This is THE cure for your “munchies.” It’s only fitting that The Stoner burger is paired with the Stone Smoked Porter.

$15 gets you all you can eat sliders and glasses of the selected beers.

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