Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beer and Sausage

As any OMG Beer! reader knows, beer and sausage go together quite well. Our tasting last March paired five beers and five sausages. The owners of a few Chicago restaurants/bars have combined their mighty food and beer powers to bring Chicago Bangers & Lace, Wicker Park's new home for craft beer and craft sausage. Over 30 beers on tap, 70+ in the bottle, and a Ciccerone-certified beer sommelier in Ria Neri. Expect about a dozen sausages to pair with their beer menu. OMG Beer! will post a break down of potential pairings just as soon as we get inside. Now, we just need to convince them to let us brew on the rumored small-scale homebrewing system. Tonight's the opening night for Bangers & Lace, so get yourself a sausage and some beer to complete your Tuesday night.

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