Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rogue's Chatoe Wet Hop Ale

I've done a small disservice to the Chicagoland area in not keeping as informed as I could be on Rogue's new offerings. Pretty good chance this delicious Wet Hop/Harvest Ale makes it here though.

The beer starts with three batches of fresh hopped beer, which are then blended together for the final Wet Hop Ale bottling.

Batch 1: 250lbs of Revolution Hops and 250lbs of Liberty Hops
Batch 2: 500lbs of Freedom Hops and 250lbs of Independence Hops
Batch 3: 1000lbs of of Rebel Hops

What funny hop names. Liberty Hops aren't all that new of a thing, but the other 4 might be exclusively grown at Rogue's very own farm. Much of the grain used in this beer also grows on that 42 acre farm.

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