Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Philosophical Beer Post

What is it we lovers of craft beer want for the future of our craft beer? Are we content with good beer being just that, good beer? Do we want it side by side with wine on the menus of fancy restaurants, ready to be paired with foie gras mousse? Should a 3.5% ABV sour belgian pale ale garner the same respect as the 12% ABV barleywine or imperial stout? Do we want the movement to be be dominated by national players, or regional, sustainable, green? Where do style guidelines fall into this future? Is there room for traditional ales in the craft beer world, or does everything need to be an Imperial Hoppy Dark Rye brewed with ginger, orange peel, chocolate, and thyme and aged in soured french oak? What does craft beer even mean? Production quantity? Production quality?

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