Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Glarus Cabin Fever Honey Bock

Brewery/Name: New Glarus Cabin Fever
Style: Helles Bock
Brewed In: New Glarus, WI
Origin: USA
ABV: 6.0
Serving Glass: Pint
OMG Beer Rating: 7.9

Brewed for winter, this pale bock could just as easily be a strong summer brew. Sometimes, with seasonal brews, you have to wonder about the intent of the brewer. With this beer, you have to assume it's a delicious way to stay warm around a fire, with some simple grilled meat. An alternative to the porters and stouts and winter warmers that can weigh heavy as a casual winter brew. We didn't get our hands on this Wisconsin-only brew until just last month, and it hit the spot on a weeknight.

Cabin Fever pours out golden, with a thick fluffy head. All the appearance of a typical midwestern lager. The aroma is a little sweet from the honey used to brew the beer, but the hops play a nice spicy balance to the sweetness, as well as adding a typically lageresque grassiness. Tastes quite bread, with a hint of sweetness, like honey on a piece of well cooked biscuit. Very smooth, with a fuller body than the usual lager offerings. The 6% is hidden well for such a subtle brew, and it would be easy to drink 2 or 3 of these around a fire...or a pool.

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