Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diamond Bear Brewing Company - Presidential IPA

Brewery/Name: Diamond Bear Brewing Company, Presidential IPA
Style: American India Pale Ale
Brewed In: Little Rock, Arkansas
Origin: USA
ABV: 5.77
Serving Glass: Pint
OMG Beer Rating: 5.9

Take this review with a grain of salt, since before it made its way to OMG Beer! headquarters, other bottles were tried by agents of OMG Beer, and their reviews influenced the office.

Appearance: hazy orange with a lasting thin off-white head

Aroma: a touch of caramel laying just under a hop-born mix of earth and pine; Diamond Bear lists cascade and amarillo hops, but the their citrus notes seem lost to some unusual aroma that hints of nail polish or lacquer, perhaps paint. Something that you almost might smell from certain kinds of water with chemicals in it.

Taste: before you can really pick out the first hints of IPA on your tongue, something mutes the typical flavors. You get some flowery hint, then there's something else in the aftertaste that comes off a little metallic and chemical-like, medicinal even. Medicinal may be the best word for it. If you let it wash around your mouth, you get a better sense of both the bready notes and some of the hops, but also, more strange medicine.

Aftertaste/Mouthfeel: The medicinal taste and a hint of sweet flowers. Bitter, much like smoking the resin of a certain cousin of hops you can only properly enjoy in Amsterdam. The aftertaste really hammers home this inappropriate flavor. Hopefully not a combination of the american and british hops used in the beer, and just an error in the batch that produced bottles drunk by OMG Beer! associates and OMG Beer! headquarters.

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  1. just saying - i had this beer on two separate occasions, and though it is possible that the bottle i had in a bar in little rock was of the same batch as the bottles i bought in a liquor store later that weekend . . . i'm going to go with this just being a plain old shitty beer. plus, various members of the little rock beer-drinking community attest to diamond bear's general horribleness.