Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl and Beer

Hours away from being inundated with beer advertisements that, while entertaining, represent a product that hardly inspires my palette. Nothing about macro beer excites my tastebuds, yet the Super Bowl places just behind Thanksgiving for food consumption holidays. Yes, holiday. No sense in denying the Super Bowl its place in American culture.

Food options range across the board on this holiest of sporting events; I've heard of parties that mirror tailgating, with burgers, encased meats, and chicken on the grill. BBQ, be it ribs, brisket, or pulled pork. Snack foods you can easily grab off of a tray. Fried delicacies. Snack Stadiums.

Send in some of your favorite beer-food combos OMG Beer! readers.

Today, OMG Beer's been given access to a deep fryer and to accompany fried chicken, shrimp, pickles, and cheese, porter, india pale ale, and probably a few suprises will be served.

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