Saturday, February 13, 2010

Brewing News National IPA Championships 2010

For those that like basketball, March Madness is their holy month. But, if you like IPAs instead of zone defenses, or just don't do basketball, have no fear. You like hops right? Yes! Of course you do! You wouldn't be reading OMG Beer! if it were otherwise.

Brewing News, the regional beer newsletter, brings us the NIPAC. This is the third year that breweries with an IPA can go head to head, round for round, until only one remains champion. The bracket of 128 competitors can be downloaded off the brewing news website; if you visit the "Locker Room" section of the website, you may create your own bracket, read about each competitor, and keep track of favorites.

Judging for the first round begins tomorrow in Syracuse, NY.
With 64 first round "pairings", there's plenty of beer to discuss, and some of the first round matchups feature OMG Beer! favorites going head to head (very interested to see Bear Republic Racer 5 vs. Lagunitas Maximus). Check back here for Tournament Coverage!


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